Monday, 7 January 2019

Preparing for the Siege ~ pt 4

I'm on a roll so I'm taking advantage of it.

I had the afternoon off so I set up the table and mat again and got to flocking it. First I gave it two coats of dry brushing: a pale green acrylic followed by a sand coloured acrylic. I then found a large (mostly full) can of lacquer sitting forgotten on a shelf and I started to spray and throw some of my vast quantity of home-made flock on it. Then more spray and more flock and more spray...

Eventually I was satisfied. So I let it dry.

Then I decided to see how it looked with the sea mat underneath.

And I saw that it was good.

So I then put the walls up again to try and work a better configuration.
You can see some of the detail of the walls here.

 This bottom corner was still giving me trouble and after trying various configurations I decided to make a couple of "special" pieces that angled back a bit more acutely than the other pieces.
This solution worked.
I then added some basic hills to represent the high ground. I might make some bespoke pieces for these areas. The high ground is where the acropolis stands so there are a couple of temples and the stadium. These are important areas and this is where a main part of the fighting took place when Demitrious's troops broke into the city. So this area will be one of the major objectives for the game.

(P.S.~ The Rhodians ejected them with much slaughter).

I also put some ships in the port because I've been wondering if they will look in-scale in context with the city. I think they look okay. Like the ground forces, they really represent counters that, in turn, are representing actual units.

Next, I have to make the town.