Saturday, 19 January 2019

Preparing for the Siege pt5

I've been making little boxes. Little boxes made of ticky-tack...

Well I've been making tiny houses to fill the void that is Rhodes. I think I'd made about 45 (I don't really know). It looked like an impressive amount sitting on the bench. I've used a mix of my own basic designs, and some of the Roman Sea print buildings. I wasn't sure if they'd look right but the do. So I decided to set up the city again and see what I had.

As it was... Not nearly enough:
So I started making more - mainly little ones from the Little Wars TV Ancient City pdf - but I did make a few medium/larger ones too. I now have about 60 buildings. These filled out the town a bit more,  but I'll need still more.

I was lucky enought to be the benefactor of a sad occurence. My wargaming friend Jim Lawrence passed away a few weeks back and last week at our club a whole bunch of his wargaming kit was put out for members to take what they wanted. I was lucky enough to gain some 6mm latex fields and roads. And they fit perfectly. Vale Jim, and thank you.

I also layed out some hills for the acropolis and the theater. These are main objectives for the game (the theater being the historical high point of the attacker's incursions). I think I need to find a better building to represent the theater. I also need to make the outskirts of Demetrius' camp.

So far it's looking good and I'll keep on making those little boxes.

As shown in my previous post, I've been painting troops so I decided to take the opportunity to put them out and man the walls just to see how they looked. I didn't think I had many troops as yet but I was dismayed to see that I had next to bugger-all. A pitiful few. I really need to step up the painting.

But they looked good on the terrain.

 The siege tower looks like a giant wooden Dalek.