Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The European Union

That's the name of my new super hero team for Super System 4. I've only played a couple of games with 4th ed. but I like this revamp better than the edition 3. It's a lot simpler in many ways but some of the character building still baffles me.

We'll be playing a short campaign at NWA this month and this is my team: The European Union.

My characters are:

ICEBERG - Bjari Thorsson ,The giant man-mountain who was transformed by alien radiation, from a strange artifact discovered deep in a Icelandic glacier. His crystalline form is as tough as diamond with all the properties of the ancient ice. He can grind down a skyscraper or blow a mighty arctic breath to freeze his opponents on the spot.

Euro-Vision - Small in stature and of unknown origin, Euro-Vision is capable of debilitating her enemies with a piercing sonic attack. She also possesses vast mental powers that can protect her from her foes and give her strong telekinetic abilities capable of stopping a tank or hurling it through the air like a child's toy.

Hoplon - The living embodiment of the ancient Greek warriors, Hoplon has outstanding defensive abilities that also aid his fellow team members in the tick of the action. His attack drains his opponents of their energy through the use of his powerful Plutonic Spear.

Red Rocket - Uri Blavatski, a ex-soldier with the elite Spetznaz from the former Soviet Union, wears an armoured rocket suit that gives him great strength, endurance and toughness. The suit also carries a payload of lethal mini-rockets that turn him into a flying artillery battery capable of battering his foes into the dust.

The Bog Dweller - AKA: The Creature from the Brown Lagoon. This unfortunate Irish  wanderer fell into a bog near a mysterious factory pumping out a cocktail of toxic chemicals. The transformation that took place left the poor soul twisted and deformed. The Irish Amphibian is fast and dangerous, he can leap like a frog, climb like a monkey and his dangerous claws & thick hide make him a formidable fighter.


  1. Thanks for that. It takes more time and effort to figure out the characters than it takes to paint them.