Monday, 12 June 2017

Something New ~ Dropfleet Commander

I've been eyeing off two games by Hawk Wargames - Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander and trying to make a decision as to which way to delve. I like the look of both games but in the end I decided to go for Dropfleet. The reason for this being that I'm already playing ground based sci-fi wargames with Firefight and, if I'm going to do something different, I'd rather play something with spaceships.

I watched lots of the You Tube videos before making my decision and, I have to say, they're really well presented. I even watched some of the demo-games on the big screen in the lounge with my feet up and a drink in my hand.

Sometimes life is so hard.

So, I bought myself the starter set which has two small fleets, the rule book, a simple game mat (full colour, folded glossy paper 3' x 3' - I think). I'm looking forward to making up the little spaceships and painting them up. I'm going to use my newly acquired airbrushing skills to do these little blighters. I just hope I don't ruin them.

The two fleets are The UCM (United Colonies of Mankind) and The Scourge!!!

I hope I can paint them up to this standard. I'm quite sure I can but it's just that I've never painted models of this type at this tiny scale before. I'll post my results and let you know.

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