Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Different Spaceships

I finished the UCM (United Colonies of Man) ships from the Dropfleet Commander starter set. The basic frigates and cruisers can be built in half a dozen, or so, various configurations so, like the Scourge, I built them in the recommended starter configurations.

These models required a different approach and needed quite a bit more detailed brushwork. I gave them a basic grey undercoat followed by a black wash. I then airbrushed them with white. They look like a uniform grey in the photos but that's just because of my crappy photography. They actually have a bunch of subtle shades.

I took the colour scheme from a painting I saw while decided how I wanted them to look. I think I captured the effect reasonably well.

Toulon & New Orleans Class Frigates.

Berlin Class Cruiser, Seattle Class Fleet Carrier & Moscow Class Heavy Cruiser

I'm going to name the Moscow cruiser, the Marshal Ney. It seems appropriate.

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