Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Look What I Made.

Yes... I made this. And you're probably asking yourself: "What is that supposed to be?"
Well, good reader, it's my new terrain mat. A new Desert Terrain Mat! 
I made a desert mat a while back and while it's very nice it's not what I really want. I even made some terrain pieces only a few weeks back which are also quite nice. Unfortunately they match the old mat.

How I made it:

1.   I bought a 2 meter piece of a strange, sand coloured faux-suede material. It's very thin but very strong. It cost about $20.

2.   I bought a box of Ty-nee Tips Tea
3.   I laid the material on a table and then mixed up a big pot o' tea (about 2 liters). I strained the tea and kept the leaves separate and let it all cool down.

4.   I sploshed the tea all over the material with a soup ladle and then rubbed the tea leaves into it.

5.   I then gathered it up and laid in on some clothes drying racks out in the sun.

6.   I then threw instant coffee all over it and rubbed it in.

7.   I let it dry.

8.   I shook off all the tea leaves and excess coffee.

9.   And now I have a very portable desert mat for under $25 (material - $20, tea - $2.40 - awful crap coffee that's been in the kitchen for a year or more - $...?, sunlight - Free!). 


It smells like a Greek coffee shop at the moment, but that will fade with time. I'm pondering whether to fix some minor vegetation to it (little clumpy tufts). I might just make up a mix of grit/kitty litter and little pieces of clump foliage to scatter where and when needed.

We'll see.

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