Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Lutzow'z Freikorps - First Battalion

I decided to do something different for the next lot of troops to add to my Prussians and I settled on Lutzow's Freikorps. There are several reasons for selecting this formation and in no particular order they are:

1. They look easy and quick to paint,
2. They will make a self contained "Brigade" for Gd'A, and
3. They have a great unique and impressive look.
4. There is some freedom regarding how to represent them.
5. Good practice for painting "back on black", for paining the Black Brunswicker's sometime in the future.

I decided to use the Perry Prussians in greatcoats for the infantry. They are not perfect but they look great. The actual uniform should be double breasted with two rows of brass buttons but I thought the rest of the uniform details would give them the overall distinctive look of the korps. The figures also have gaiters instead of pants.
Oh well... I could have used Calpe Miniatures but Perry were cheaper.

Black on black... It's easy to do but it's not easy to get the effect right. In the flesh the effect looks much better than the pics. I did the coats in German Grey with a black wash.

The flag I designed myself. It's unknown if they actually had any standards but I considered that because they were a volunteer formation with plenty of wealthy members they could afford to pay for semi-elaborate flags.
So that's what I gave them (and yes, it is over-sized!).

Easy and quick to paint? They were. This battalion took three days. I have two more battalions to go, a few jaeger companies, A couple of hussar squadrons, a couple of uhlan squadrons, and a couple of batteries.


  1. It looks beautiful! I agree that sometimes we take what is cheaper, and not what is better)))

    1. Yes, agreed. The Perry cost less than Calpe but still not cheap. I really like the Front Rank Prussians but the price is out of my range compared to Perry plastics.