Thursday, 22 March 2018

Do I Smell Chicken Chasseurs?

No you do not!
They are the 9th Regiment, Casseurs a Cheval.

My French cavalry arm was severely lacking (one lone regiment of dragoons) so I needed to add a bit more horseflesh to mon Petit Armee. I picked up a box of the Warlords plastic chasseurs a cheval and, I must say, they are somewhat underwhelming. But they were going cheap at $20.00 a box.

The basic riders  come in two poses - Arm bent and arm bent a little bit less. Their mounts are similar in their variation. The metal commanding officer looks nice but I'm unsure about the sabretache hanging off his hip. This isn't a piece of kit used by chasseurs. All the other figures have them too but, because they're plastic I cut them off. This left the scabbard hanging in an unusual manner.

The commanders' horse is shitty. It has it's two front legs thrust out with dirty great pieces of metal attaching them to the base. These looked very ugly and had to go but they left the horse with only one rear leg attached to the base. So I drilled through the base and into the horses belly. I then inserted a piece of brass rod to hold the horse steady and (hopefully) prevent it breaking when handled.

The hornist is one of the standard riders with the trumpet arm attached. I sculpted his shoulder fringes. The standard bearer is... Lacking. Lacking everything. He has no belts. No shoulder fringes (home sculpted again). A scabbard with no sword. He even had no head! But he does have a sabretache. Lucky him.

Note: The spellcheck wants to change sabretache to "heartache."

Anyway, for better or worse here is the 9th Regiment, Casseurs a Cheval (the cheap version). I'm looking forward to the upcoming Perry plastic set.

And now I can get back to Lutzow's Freikorps!


  1. I think I read somewhere, that many officers of the chasseurs retained the sabretache from the pre-1805 uniform.

    1. I assumed that to be the case so I wasn't so concerned for the officer but it really complicates the basic troopers.