Monday, 30 October 2017

My Fleet is Finished

Well for now, that is...

I finished the last squadron of cataphract triremes. This time I did them with the sails set. I'm not so sure, after making these that they really look any better the ones in fighting trim. When I look at them now they all look just as nice as each other.

So for now I have a small fleet of 5 aphracts and 10 catafracts. I have some more in the post which should arrive in about a fortnight - 12 x Quinqueremes, two 7's and an 8 as a flagship, to boost my little Athenian fleet into a good sized Successor Fleet. I ordered Langton's Carthaginian quins because there were no other options (other than Roman).

So, here is my last squadron:

And a final photo of the whole tiny fleet.