Tuesday, 10 October 2017

I Love These Figures

I wish that were true.

The fact is: I hate these figures from Ebor. They are sub-par and they are awful to paint. I have another two squadrons of them and I'm not in any hurry to paint them. But I suppose I will and when I have further need for WSS Horse I'll be looking at Front Rank.

These figures took me about two weeks to paint because I just didn't want to do them and I ended up committing to less than one hour per day in getting them done. That's very slow for me and the paint job is sub-par too (just to keep in line with the figures).

Anyway, here they are: 2nd Squadron, Regiment Tarente.


  1. Your final result looks good to me. What about these figures did you find so difficult?

    1. The horses are not good with some straps half missing. I also think they've been cast too often and they are somewhat flattened. Because of that the figures don't sit on them very well (some don't sit straight). But overall, I just didn't like painting them them.