Sunday, 22 October 2017

Back to the Stars

I played my third game of Dropfleet Commander on the weekend. This time I used the Shaltari starter set because:
1. I haven't used them since I painted them,
2. They look really nice, and
3. They were really hard to paint and I wanted to use them at least once.

Having made that last comment, I think I'll be using them a more often and they might become the fleet that I decide to expand.

This game played a lot different to the previous games where I used the Scourge starter set. I preferred the Shaltari as they seem to suit my style better. My only reservation is that they are bloody difficult to paint & I don't look forward to painting another thousand little dots.

Anyhow, I'm not going to write up a battle report. I just want to post the photo's I have (mostly stolen from my opponent Peter N.).

Also, I got to use my new orbital battle map. It looked great and that's another reason I want to post the photos.

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