Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The Old Guard

Like my ACW, my 1/72 scale Grande Armee have been sitting in boxes for the past couple of years. They've fought many battles, won & lost. They were collected during a difficult time following a medical discharge from the army when I was also going through a divorce and couldn't afford more expensive figures. That said, I put a lot of time & effort into making them look as good as I could.

However, in the past couple of years they have been superseded by newer 28mm troops and they now sit in the dark reminiscing about their glory days. So, I'm going to sell them to someone who might put them into battle again. It's sad for me because they represent my getting back into wargaming 15 years ago after a long hiatus.

Ave my good fellows. I hope you march on to glory once again.



  1. I like them a lot, and feel your pain. I went the other way, and down sized to 1/72, so these look really good to me. How are you selling them and do you have a price in mind? Thanks

    Marc (Marc at work/the plastics fan on TMP)

  2. They look great. I am interested if you are planing to sell.
    Cheers Steve