Monday, 24 October 2016

My First ECW Post (I wonder why?)

The march of time awaits no man and with the Dark Ages behinds me (unless we play a Fullford Gate game) it looks like there may be some English Civil War drama coming my way. And what better way to prepare than to paint up an new commander of horse for my Royalist forces.

I've had this figure for about two years and finally decided to paint him. The figure is Prince Rupert & Boye (his dog) from Warlord Games. It's a very dramatic figure but not one that I think is great for a wargaming army. The horse is too big and the pose makes it's difficult to base with any other figures. I would have liked to add a standard bearer but other mounted figures next to this one make the pose look even more outlandish.

So I opted for a dramatic, fence hurdling scene.

I also painted up a small gun that's also been sitting around for a long time. I can't remember but I think it may be an Old Glory piece. All in all, it came out looking quite nice.

Other than this I've also been painting up some more cavalry and by the time I get them on the table my small contingent of horse will have doubled from 3 regiments to 6.


  1. Gorgeous, painting and basing are superb!

  2. Excellent idea for the Rupert figure, I may 'borrow' that.