Thursday, 13 October 2016

The Hills Are Alive....

...and doing well.

I made his this week. I needed a Senlac Ridge for an upcoming Battle of Hastings so, while I was making that I decided to make a bunch of other hills.

They are made from styrofoam with the edges strengthened with masking tape. I then covered them with a good coating of brown caulk. Whe that was dry I gave them a good covering of my home made flock (three different colours 1 earth & 2 greens). When dry I gave them a thorough spray of watered down PVA.

They are lightweight and strong. Along with another six older hills, I now have decent collections of hills in various shapes and sizes.

The Senlac Hill is the large two part beast at the back. It's about 3' wide, 18" deep and 50mm thick.

P.S. The first photo taken with my new phone. It takes a better photo than my older one.

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