Saturday, 9 November 2013

Space Pulp 2

I played a game of Pulp Alley yesterday at my club (Nunawading Wargames Association). This was an outer space scenario inspired by my new league.

The scenario: On a distant planetoid in the far reaches of the galaxy Captain Dirk Quasar and Co have discovered an abandoned spaceship and several other alien artifacts. Unfortunately a group of evil Space Nazi's calling themselves G.A.S.P. (Germanic Advanced Science Platoon) are also interested in the spacecraft. This can mean only one thing: They plan to use it for their nefarious schemes and only Dirk Quasar, Trixie Nova and the Astro Girls can stop them!

Major Plot Point: The tractor beam emitting from beneath the spaceship. This is obviously a method of getting into the spaceship.

Scattered around the area are other items: A defunct robot, and alien artifact (in the cave), some alien technology and an outcrop of weird crystals.

Minor Plot points: Dithulium Crystals, Robotic Parts, Alien Technology, Alien Artifact.

Each league must possess at least 2 minor plot points before they may attempt the major plot point.

There are also two abandoned space buggies. If a character can win a random challenge they can start up a buggy and zoom around the board.

 Dirk and the Astro Girls gained the initiative and cautiously moved out into the area. Dirk made a beeline towards the creepy looking cave on his left whilst Trixie Nova used her Anti-Gravity Belt to jump towards the crystals atop a rock formation. Meanwhile the GASP Space Nazi's also move forwards behind their massive, rampaging Sturmgaffe (a genetic and bionic enhanced primate).

Still holding the initiative at the start of the 2nd turn Dirk Quasar made directly for the forbidding cave in an attempt to claim the Alien Artifact. Something ancient and evil lurked within and made an attempt at Dirk but his stupendous might saved him from any injury and he wrested the artifact from its prison.

Meanwhile a couple of the Nazi's attempted to retrieve the robotic parts. One was knocked down by and it can only be guessed the the robot still had some defensive functionality left to protect itself. However his counterpart was more successful and managed to get the part he was searching for.

Trixie Nova found herself a victim of her own tricks when her anti-grav belt malfunctioned allowing her to only move 3" for the turn (or maybe the Space Nazis threw a Trip Up card at her). Either way she was caught out in the open on top of a big rock and drew fire from a paip of GASP Nazis. The first got a hit and she only just managing to dodge out of the way of the second Nazi's attack.

By turn 3 GASP was in control of the initiative and the Sturmgaffe was beating at the Alien Technology trying to tear open the outer casing whilst the Astro Girls' laid down blaster and raygun fire which just bounced off the mighty beast. Commander Zorra and another couple of Astro Girls also came out shooting to give Trixie Nova some covering fire. They managed to take down one of the Nazis but at the cost of an Astro Girl. Commander Zorra was also knocked down by a burst of shooting. But they gained Trixie the time she needed and she cracked off a chunk of Dithulium Crystal. 

Dirk Quasar moved out to confront the Sturmgaffe but seeing how big it was decided to check his options.

As turn 4 began GASP once again held the initiative and the Sturmgaffe remembered to use his somewhat impressive cunning (seems he's a bit smarter that Dirk Quasar too). And thus, using a bit of brainpower the Nazi Beast managed to extract the Alien Technology it's master's so desired. 

One of the GASP troopers made straight for the Tractor Beam but stopped short. This was all Dirk Quasar needed. He sprang froward and doing what he does best (punching people) ha managed to pull a Sucker Punch out of his hat and sent his opponent crashing to the dirt. Meanwhile, Captain Zorra had managed to get up and dust herself off and kept up the covering fire.

This was it: Trixie Nova once again activated her anti-gravity belt and jumped straight towards the tractor beam. Reaching out a hand she was sucked into the extremely perilous vortex but managed to keep her cool. With the crystals in hand, Trixie Nova entered the spacecraft and with a loud clang slammed the portal shut saying: "You'z Nazi's can scoot off and find your own spaceship. This one's mine."

Defeated and disgruntled, the GASP Truppen had no option other than to retreat and hatch a new scheme.


  1. No comments? For a game as beautiful as this, photographed to reveal such beautiful painting. For shame.

    I really love the tractor beam - its absolutely perfect. Is the ship a scratchbuild or a kit?

    1. Thanks for your reply. The space ship is scratch built using a $2 and farm that I found in a local thrift shop. The tractor beam is just a plastic wineglass with fluro paint swirled on the inside.