Saturday, 9 November 2013

Some Zeds and Other Figures

Throughout October I got busy sculpting again. This time I decided to do a bunch of zombies and some survivors of Apocalypse Z.

The first lot I did quickly and I like the results even though there are mistakes that have a certain energy about them. The next lot I took more time over and although they are nice I think they lack that energy. That said I've started another batch and I'm opting for the quick and dirty approach. I also used a mix of 50/50 ProCreate/Miliput on the first batch and I've returned to that medium for the new lot.

I also did a few survivors whilst working on the second batch of zeds. I like these too. They have some nice lines and a good mix of clothing, weapons & attitude. Unfortunately I had to make the archer in two pieces (I'd prefer a single piece). But all in all they should cast up nicely.

I've also decided to move away from integral bases and opted for slottas.

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