Sunday, 15 November 2020

Elfish Knights ~ A Little Conversion Project

In my previous post started on my new 15mm Iberian army. However, while I was still undergoing the long wait for their delivery I ordered some Gripping Beast ~ Gothic Elite Cavalry with the intention of converting them into elfish heavy horse. The plastic cav arrived whilst I was painting my first batch of Iberian's and I decided to get them made and painted instead of putting them aside for later and then losing interest in the project (which is what I normally do!). 

Before I go on I have to say that this conversion idea was not mine. I stole it directly from Lead Adventure Forum member BZ. So, Thanks BZ for the inspiration.

When I saw the LAF post with these models I thought it looked sort of archaic, unusual and a bit off kilter. And that, for me was just what I wanted. The basic model is the Goth Elite Cav figure with bits added from the Oathmark elven warrior sets. I had lots of left over elf bits so that part was easy. The spear and shield arms are from the elf heavy infantry set and the heads and shields are from the light elf infantry. Their capes are left overs from Fireforge Teutonic Knights.
Originally I was going to make 6 of them (see pic) but I found that I had 8 capes so I made two more. I ended up with 6 knights, a commander and a standard bearer. I did something a bit different for their bases. I wanted oval bases and I didn't have any so I cut them out of balsa wood and added a magnetic sheet on the base. 

Shields: I designed the shields on photoshop. I did what I've recently done for the infantry and the chariots:  Create the design. Print it on paper as high quality. Cut it out accurately and glue the paper onto the plastic shield using pva glue. I then paint the edges to match the shield, add a coat of matte varnish, a coat of GW 'Ard Coat and then a second matte coat.

I'm really happy with them and the photo's don't really do them justice. They came out really nice (especially the shields).

And now it's back to the Iberian's!


  1. Like that idea, bravo they look great!


  2. In exchange, I copy your idea about the printed shields. :)

  3. Beautiful work!
    Can I have a request for you?
    I have some problems with the "pl" server and my blog came back with the correct name (
    If you could add to the blog roll again, I would be honored :)

    1. Hi Michal,
      I'll try but I'm having trouble with the Bogger interface at the moment (I don't know why... but I'll try).

  4. They look amazing. I like how you mixed different plastic sprue. The way you made the shields sounds very interesting. I might copy that. Cheers, Karl

    1. Thanks Karl. The shields came out better than I expected. Feel free to copy anything. IanKH