Friday, 5 October 2018

Some More New Ancients

These took a bit longer than I had planned because I had a few interruptions along the way.

With the pike I do them 8 figures at a time (one packet or two bases) and each lot takes about two days. That's to clean, fix weapons/shields and paint them. So 32 figures should take 8 days but they took 11 days all up. I now have 5 syntagma of sarissa (blocks of pike) and one of long spear (dory) armed peltastoi.

I did the Cretan archers bit by bit (instead of concentrating on them) so I'm not sure how long they actually took to get done. This is my second unit of Cretans.

Anyway, here are two new units to add to my gathering Antigonids. I'm pretty happy with them as they look colourful and will look great on the table.

The sarissa are from Xyston with shield decals by Little Big Men Studios. The Cretan archers are by AB miniatures.


  1. Impressive pikes and beautiful archers!

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