Tuesday, 29 May 2018

8th Army Test

I bought some 1/72 Esci 8th Army figures and decided to paint up a section to see how well they would work out. I'm surprised how well they painted up as I wasn't expecting much of them. My major concern now, is how well they'll match up with the AB 20mm 8th Army (soon to be released at Little Wars, Melbourne).

I also painted up some Opels for my DAK. These are from Plastic Soldier Company. Nice, easy to build models that came out looking pretty nice. I'll get some more of these when I can.

And for 1944/45 Europe I did some weathering on this SdKfz 234/4. This is another one from my haul of die-cast models that I nabbed last month. I just need to add some crew to finish it off.