Thursday, 15 February 2018

A Fistful of Thuringians

A fistful of what?

I finally finished my Thuringian Battalion. This is a battalion that was formed from various Saxon troops who were captured by the Prussians in 1813 and, who then turned turncoat and fought for the Prussians.

From what I understand (and information is scarce) the battalion was built around a core of Prussian light troops ~ in the pics those in dark blue coats with light blue facings. There are Saxon musketeers and light infantry, a bunch of Duchal Saxons and a bunch of other Confederation of the Rhine troops including; Saxe-Coburg voltigeurs, Anhalt voltigeurs, and Lippe-Detmold fusiliers.

Another interesting thing about this battalion is that the troops were drilled and organised along French line (following the direction of their respective armies). So they continued using the French methods that they were trained in.

I initially bought Calpe Saxons to make this unit but found out later that they were the wrong figures. Nevertheless, I decided to use the figures anyway and just paint them up as the troops listed above. Some may complain, but I don't care. These is my Thuringian Battalion.

Anyway, the Turingian Battalion is attached to the Leib Regiment and is often called the second Leib Fusilier battalion. They are a small unit by comparison to the other Prussian units so I modeled them as 18 figures with 6 companies of 3 figs each.

I like them and they were fun to paint with all their mismatched uniforms. I can't wait to get them onto the table.

I also love the commander. He came from the, now defunct, Warlords plastic
Landwher Infantry box. Definitely the only good figure in the whole set.

P.S. As many have said before me, these Calpe figures are very nice to paint.