Thursday, 7 December 2017

My Antigonids Get Some Thracian Allies

I'm quite happy with the progress of my Antigonid Successor army. I started these guys at the start of November and in just one month they are starting to look like a viable force. I still have a way to go with them as I want a fairly large force of at least half a dozen pike units and as many thureophoroi and allies - Thracians/Galatians/and Thessalian horse. I don't really need a great deal of cavalry but I'll probably do more than I need. I can also co-opt my earlier Greek hippeis if I need to.

So, here are my newest additions: Another unit of pike and a unit of Thracian medium infantry with romphia.

This looked like an odd colour scheme as I was doing them. 
But I like the end result. Somewhat understated.

My whole phalanx as it stands at this point.