Saturday, 30 December 2017

Farewell 2017

To end the year I finished my Diadochi fleet.

It now consists of 30 vessels: 15 triremes, 12 quadremes (or 5's depending on what I need), 2 hepteres and an Octeres as my purple outfitted, flagship. The fleet may grow in the future but for now it's about as large as I want it (it also fits perfectly into a fantastic little box).

I also re-based some Cretan Archers that I've had for a while. They were mounted 3 figures on four, 40x40mm base but I changed them to two figures onto 6 20x40mm bases. The reason for this is because I'm looking to base my figures for Mortem et Gloriam.

I like the look of this game and I've ordered a copy of the rules. The re-basing is because I'll need to remove bases as casualties and it won't make any difference for other rules, which all use the same 40mm frontage basing. If it means less markers on the table then I'm all for that.

Cheers, good folk and see you next in 2018!

You may notice that I'm tempting the wrath of Poseidon with my 
flagship lacking eyes to ward off the evil creatures of the deep.


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    1. Thanks Michal, I hope you put plenty of paint to lead in the New Year.