Saturday, 1 April 2017

My Second Game of Firefight

I got to use my new Asterian battlegroup in my second game of Warpath Firefight a couple of night back. They did okay and, apparently, won the game. I'm not sure how this happened but my opponent added up victory points at the end of the game and I won. I just thought we smashed each other until there were barely any troops left on the table.

So my guys met a group of Forge Fathers on a jungle themed board. Both of our forces were very shooty with a lot of heavy firepower on display. Subsequently, we blasted each other off the table at long distance.

I made the table during the week out of a bunch of bits and pieces. We have this wonderful resource here in the North/Eastern parts of Melbourne called The Reverse Art Truck. It's a big shed filled with a bunch of cast offs and bits and bobs from all over. Bit's of foam, plastic containers, pieces of wood, plastic doo-dads... etc.

I made a visit to TRAT and spent 5 dollars on some plastic food containers, used plastic thread spools and other bits. Add a bit of paint and I had some sci-fi looking terrain (I already had the jungle pieces). I also did the shipping containers during the week out of foamcore and corrugated card.

Somewhere in the cosmos. A derelict communications center in a jungle...

And some unexpected guests...

My brave Asterian's (robots without concepts of bravery or fear) advance fearlessly forward.

My anti-grav heavy weapon platforms did okay but with a single dice to shoot and a 50% chance to hit they are a bit fickle. They also only have Resistance 1 so they are a bit fragile. Fickle & Fragle, sounds like a dodgy law firm.

The Fuzz of War...

My Warden Cypher troops did well. They managed to rush forward under cover and then dash out at the right moment to pulverize some astro-dwarfs. Then they had the crap shot out of them.

One of the stars of my battlegroup the innocuous little Assassin Drone. It annihilated the astro-dwarf commander (I think his name was Big Ears) as well as that tin can monster behind him (it took a couple of turns). I'll be swapping this model out for something more suitable.

My other MVP was this bombard drone which sat behind cover and rained down indirect death on several astro-dwarf units including a second tin can monster.

The Forge Fathers certainly laid down a lot of destructive fire. Most of my Rifle Cypher units were pretty ineffective due to the dwarf's ability to suppress them and kill them with high powered AP weapons.

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