Saturday, 22 April 2017

Another Game of Firefight

As the title says, today I had another game of Firefight. I'm still enjoying the game and slowly getting to know the rules better. Spending a couple of weeks between games makes it hard to get a solid handle on all aspects and nuances. Hopefully more games and an actual hard copy of the rules will help with this.

Anyway, today's game was once agian against Brent and his Forge Fathers - The Fire Beard Clan. My Asterians are pretty good when it comes to shooting and they can lay down an  impressive amount of firepower but the Forge Fathers, whilst they lay down less actual shots, have better "to hit" stats and most of their weapons have the dual bonus' of armour penetration and suppression.

For instance: In one activation my a depleted Marionette unit laid down 16 shots at the dwarf leader, hit him 9 times and none of the shots caused damage. In my next activation I managed to refresh the same unit and activate it again - Another 16 shots (only 5 hits this time) and still no damage. That was 32 dice all to no effect.

On the other hand much of my other shooting was pretty effective and I destroyed 3 full units in this manner.

There's the lucky little swine in the right of this picture.

Also today I used some new terrain that I made during the week. I combined in with the previous terrain I made and set up a table that I described as: A new facility set down near a derelict communications array in readiness for repairs. Seemed to work okay.

A highlight for me was the destruction of this 200pt unit in the jungle below. I used a Move, 
Move, Move order (triple movement) to charge my close combat unit into them out of cover.
They were wiped out before they knew what hit them.

My Pulse Bombard drone didn't star this game. I used it incorrectly and 
put it in harms way. Unsurprisingly it was blown up.

See that thing in the photo above? That's an Iron Ancestor - A big suit of armour with a space dwarf in it. It was causing me problems so I sent my Spectra Gunship Drone against it. T'was a duel to the death in the center of the table.

You can just feel those twitching trigger fingers...

During three rounds of shooting at the damn thing (I re-activated it once) I managed to cause 1 single point of damage to it. I just couldn't hit the side of a bloody barn. In the end the Iron Monster blasted the gunship into pieces of hot flying rubble.

All in all, although my battle group was pretty well shot up, I managed to win the game on Victory Points, mainly because I managed to dominate the tops of the buildings which were my objectives. I was saved by the bell when we ran out of turns. The Dwarves wen't in very good shape either but I had nothing that could counter their remaining heavy units. I'll need to be sneakier and use my faster maneuverability to deal with them in the future.

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