Monday, 27 March 2017

Meet The Supers

In the past couple of years I've played a few superhero games and I've enjoyed them. James at Nunawading Wargames Assoc. is the main driver of these game as it's his passion. The rules we use are SuperSystem by Four Colour Studios. They brought out the 4th edition of their rules not long back and I decided to get a copy to replace my 3rd edition. As a pdf these rules are not a major investment so I'm not so concerned about the idea of an upgrade (unlike some "New Editions" that cost $80 or $90+).

So, to celebrate my new purchase I created a new hero team (although they could be villains - I haven't decided yet).

First up is Red. She has high-grade metal faculties and therefore has a few psychic abilities like Telekinesis, Mind Attack and some sort of psychic force shield (I haven't worked all the detail yet). She also has a sword and a pistol with which she is reasonably proficient.

ICEBERG - He is big, slow, strong and durable. He can't move very fast and he can't charge into combat. But he does have the Entangle ability, which I envision like Mr Freeze's gun, that freezes folk in place so he can catch them and lay the smack down. He can also hurl icicles & has a very strong mental defence. My thinking is that his mind operates at such a slow, glacial pace that it's very difficult for others to comprehend and gives them a brain-freeze.

And last The Bog Dweller - An amphibious creature from the brown lagoon. He's fast and leapy with formidable claws and teeth. He also operates in water with equal ease. I'm not sure what else he can to at this stage but I'm working on it. I might give him a suitably archetypal Irish secret identity.

Nuff said!


  1. The Bog Dweller is my favourite! What a great dark climate:)

    1. The Bog Dweller was a figure that's been sitting on my painting table, 90% painted for the last 4 or 5 years. It's one of the original Malifaux Silurids so I've probably had it for 10 years or so.