Monday, 27 March 2017

Asterians for Firefight

As can be seen in my previous post, I started doing some Asterians for Warpath Firefight and I finished them yesterday. As you can see they are made from some Necrons that I got on the cheap and I also added several heavy weapons and the commander from the Beyond the Gates of Antares range.

All in all this has been a pretty easy little force to build. It comes to 1250 points and I'm keen to get them onto the table to see how they go.

One of the bonus things about using the Gates of Antares stuff is that I bought a few boxes of infantry troops for the heavy weapon drones. This has left me with a bunch of troops which I'll use to make a GCPS (Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere) force. These guys sort of equate to 40K Imperial Guard sort of thing. The difference being that they are pretty much operated by private mega-corporations.

I turned one of the Cypher Rifle units into Cypher Wardens (for close combat) by removing their shooter and replacing one hand with the modified tip of the the Necron weapons (lucky I didn't bin them!). The heavy weapon drones on the right are an indirect fire bombard and an anti tank thing. The tall one up the back is an Assassin Drone and the others are just heavy support blasters.

I like the commander. The Asterians are all remote robotic constructs and drones with The Overseer being the only living Asterian representative on the battlefield. This figure is tall - to my guess 54mm - and onother Gates of Antares figure. The little drone with it doesn't really represent anything but it looks good so I'll just use it to represent the figures' shields/comms etc.

I also have a gav-tank on the way to replace the Assassin Drone & I've left another 5 points to account for it. But I may just use it for my upcoming GCPS. Who knows?

My green skinned commander. Do Asterians have green skin?

My version of Cypher Wardens.

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