Monday, 12 January 2015

Hawkmoon ~ New sculpt

Well folks, Christmas was busy and I managed to sculpt a whole bunch of Runestaff figures. Unfortunately the breakdown of my pc and the loss of photoshop means that I didn't manage to get any pics of them. I made an Order of the Wolf foot knight, Baron Kalan - Master of Time, the final Vulture Legion troops and modified the Vulture cavalry (they now have wings like the medieval Polish Hussars).

However, today I finished Dorian Hawkmoon, Duke of Koln and got a couple of decent pics (using a different editing program). I think Hawkmoon is going to be a controversial figure as most folks are going to have a very specific idea of how he should look. Keep in mind that this is Hawkmoon arrayed for battle.

I tend to think of Hawkmoon as a pretty tough customer. Unlike many of Moorcock's heroes, for the most part he only has his wits, fortitude and his combat skills as a to rely on. It's not until later that he weilds the Sword of the Dawn. With this in mind I made him look like he was ready for a fight.

I decided to make his armour very different to anyone else in order to make him stand out & his helmet makes him appear quite tall (but he's still smaller than my thumb). He has a mix of armour from a pseudo 2-piece sculpted torso (ancient) to chainmail and bronze scalemail. The helmet is more reminiscent of the Renaissance (or maybe a Napoleonic dragoon). On the other hand his shield is more like that of an ancient Greek hoplite.

A strange mix, certainly. But he is a fantasy character and should look like one.

He is a two part sculpt: Body and shield arm.

(there is a blob of blutac holding his shield arm in place)


  1. He looks like a sword slinging badass. I really cant wait to get ahold of one. Are you going to make a mounted version also?

    1. Thanks. That's what I was aiming for.
      Yes, there will be a mounted version but I'm not sure when at this stage.

    2. Well no rush, just think he has lots of uses even out side of the Hawkmoon fantasy.

  2. Very nice ! When will the Hawkmoon game line be available for purchase ?

    1. Franck,
      They're not on the Eureka site at this stage but you may be able to get them if you send an email and ask.