Thursday, 25 December 2014

The Argo ~ Finished

So I managed to finish my version of The Argo on Christmas day.
I'm pretty happy with the results although I found painting freehand straight lines on an unusually shaped curved surface to be quite difficult. So the lines are a bit dubious in some places.

It's for a display/participation game so it's very colourful and can fit about a dozen 28mm figures on 25mm bases. However, I wouldn't expect that many figures to be on deck at any one time (it's assumed most crew members will be rowing or minding the ship while the "real heroes" are doing all the hard stuff).

The way 7TV works is that you have a small core of Stars and Co-Stars and all the rest are Extras. So in this game the Stars will be brightly painted in full armour ~ Jason, Medea, Orpheus, Atalanta, Polyphemus, Zetes (because he's got wings!). I'm not sure if I'll include Heracles at this stage. Medea and Orpheus are there as spell casters.

All the rest of the Argonauts will be represented by the unarmoured figures seen below. They are in their "Sailing the Ship" garb and a handful will act as Red-Shirts for accompanying the rest of the Away Team. The only one to be named will be Typhus ~ the navigator.

Anyway, here's the photos:

The reason I added a base is to keep the ship stable when moving figures around
as it isn't waterline and otherwise has to rest on the small sanded line of the keel.