Friday, 13 December 2013

Granbretan ~ Order of the Bull and The Boar

Well, I'm still working of a variety of the Beast Orders of Granbretan just to get a feeling for the various armour, weapons and masks and seeing if my vision looks right. This is the first attempt at the Order of the Bull.

The idea is that the mask/helmet is quite tall to give them added height and the shoulder armour is large to give them extra bulk. The thinking behind this comes from those old cartoons where bulls always have a massive head and shoulders and tiny little legs.

Weapon wise, I'm thinking along the lines of Greek mythology (axes. clubs, maces). Same with the shield.

With this one I'm taking more direction from the Hawkmoon books. In the stories the boars are big, rough and, well... Boarish! So with this guy I've tried to give him a pretty brutal look with heavy, ugly armour and equipment. Not unlike the vultures really.


  1. These are smashing sculpts, Ian!

    I've even tracked down the omnibus version of the Runestaff novels because of you, just to find out more about the whole genre.

  2. Thanks Ben. They're a good read with a few strange 1960's references scattered throughout them. I hope you enjoy it.