Sunday, 22 September 2013

More Plank Walking

Some more action happened during Pirates in September 2013 this time at the Mitcham RSL (Returned Serviceman's League) Club on 21 Sept. This time it involved the annual Pirate Mega Game. This was played on a very long table by 8 able bodied pseudo-piratical types (me included). It was organised by Mike Goldyn of the Nunawading Wargames Association who you can see as the jolly green pirate in one of the pics below.

My Lads in action: The Quarter Master sets up his firing line.

"Quick ashore lads 'afore those scurvy dogs can land.

The Archie Pelargo Archipelago.

Port Croydon under attack.

Arrrrghhh... They be comin' from all sides.

Peaceful: Port Croydon before the attack.

The organiser: Mr Goldyn (left) in all his Pirate Finery.
A quiet day in Spaniardtown.

My ship: The Hairy Kraken.

And just what every Serious Pirate needs: His very own Skull Dice Tower
(Made by NWA Member Paul Freeman)

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