Monday, 12 November 2012

Omega Squad - Pilot Episode

I had my first game of 7TV on the weekend. It involved the Omega Squad who thwarted the attempt of the evil BORIS in their attempts to move some unidentified contraband.

Location: Building site - Early Evening.

Here we see the Colonel Zharkov - The head of BORIS supervising the removal of said unidentified contraband cleverly hidden right in the open inside packing crates. Bogdan Bogdanovich and an unidentified comrade are doing the heavy lifting unaware that Dorian Alpha has infiltrated their operation and acting as a lookout.

Dorian's motor car the XX69 (with Blake at the wheel) comes speeding into shot narrowly missing the comrade on look out who had to dive out of the way (making for some outstanding stunt work).

Much of the original footage has been lost however, both Blake and Amelia Horne burst out of the  XX69. Blake took a successful shot at Bogdan whilst the deadly Miss Horne used her outstanding jujitsu skills to stun the look out. Meanwhile behind the scenes Dorian Alpha used his skills of seduction against the beautiful comrade helping Bogdan to disrupting the loading operation.

Bogdan move up to the XX69 and took a shot at Blake inflicting a minor flesh wound whilst the Colonel revealing the hidden dagger in his boot attacked the nimble Miss Horne but was unable to get past her formidable defences. At this stage Blake took another shot at Bogdan Bogdanovich and felled the big  Soviet. Miss Horne now turned her martial arts skills on the Colonel and gave him a few bruises to remember her by.

The lookout shook his head and waded back into the fray only to find Miss Horne's fashionable boot waiting for his solar plexus  and knocking wind out of him. The Colonel seeing that things were going wrong at this stage made a dash for the van thinking that he could make a getaway with (at least) some of his illegal freight. Slamming the door and, spinning the tyres he made his getaway... But he didn't count on the resourceful Miss Horne making a dive for the passenger seat and giving him a swift judo-chop which almost caused the van to crash into the corner of a building.

Thinking his best bet was to make his escape on foot the Colonel ditched the van and set off on foot heading down a back alley with Miss Horne in pursuit. Back at the building site, Blake jumped into the XX69 and doing a screeching u-turn, followed after the van. Dorian, meanwhile rounded up the two comrades - giving one of them a burst of stun gas from his fake lapel flower - and examined the cargo (finding it to be machine parts of unknown origin).

The show ended with Blake and Miss Horne capturing the Soviet Colonel but, although somewhat disheveled and with a loss of face he nevertheless vowed: "You cannot defeat BORIS. I Will Return!"

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