Saturday, 6 July 2019

The Diner at the End of The World

Every zombie apocalypse worth it's salt, needs a diner.

After discovering the "affordable postage" charged by Sarissa Precision and their lovely models I put in an order. I really like their retro American stuff and in particular the diner. So I added it to my cart. Then deleted it. Then added it. Then deleted it again...

I kept seeing a big sheet of card leaning up against the corner and it kept whispering to me; "You can make a diner yourself... You, can make one out of that card... You can make one... You can make one..."

So I didn't order the diner (I ordered a bunch of other stuff instead!).

I took a trip to a craft shop and bought a few blank mdf table place-mats. I printed out a black & white tile design I made a few years ago and stuck it to a piece of card (7.5" x 10.5"). Then I glued the card onto the place-mat.

That's the floor. I then started to put the building together around the floor tile.

Everything is just 2mm card. Since I took the above pic I also added a refrigeration room and pantry to the top right corner.

The windows are made from a big piece of clear acrylic packaging which I sandwiched between two layers of wall.

The tables are mounted on map pins with some card added to give them a bit more height. I'll use some more map pins and a bit of putty to make some bar stools and toilets too.

So, now it needs to be painted. I'm a bit stuck for a colour scheme. Red seems an obvious choice for a diner but I want to steer away from red. I'm not keen on yellow either because it's a shitty pigment and I'll have to do several layers to get good coverage.

Blue...? Green...? Orange (maybe)... Brown...? I'm just not sure yet.

I just realized that I haven't done the front door.

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