Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Some French Odds & Ends

Getting back into Napoleonics via General d'Armee so I thought I'd get these figures finished. They were left sitting on my painting desk after 2016's foray into the old Bruce Quarrie rules petered out.

My French force is small. Over the years I've tried to replace my 20mm corps with 28mm. But I haven't been playing Napoleonics due to a bit of a falling out with the group I use to play with. Or, more accurately, a falling out between me and the rules played. So the rebuild of my French has been sporadic. A few years back I painted a Wurtemberg brigade and, if a fit of despair, ended up selling it because I couldn't see me ever getting to use it. I've resented that decision ever since.

I've even commissioned a friend to paint up a regiment of leger. The first time I've ever asked someone else to paint figures for me!

Anyway, GdA looks like it's going to get me back into it and I decided to get these little fellows done.

Some generals and a skirmish line. Not much but these figures have been sitting half finished, looking at me with their little painted faces saying: "Paint us, Ian. Paint us and put us on the table and we'll win battles for you. Just paint us and give us a chance."

Finally their day has arrived!

Notice how I forgot to paint their cockades? Fixed now.

Ready to get into the enemy's faces and cause havoc.