Friday, 16 December 2016

28mm ACW ~ Test Regiment

Just a quick post to show an ACW Federal regiment using Perry plastics.

I did them fast with little thought concerning detail. Block colours, limited pallet, light wash, varnish. I really wanted to see how long it took to paint them to a respectable tabletop standard and how they would shape up. The pics aren't great and they look better in the flesh and, overall, I pretty happy with them.

They are pretty easy to put together and require little in the way of preparation (minimal flash removal).

I got a copy of Pickett's Charge by Two Fat Lardies and I liked what I read. Having just sold my 15mm ACW I thought plastic 28's would be the way to go. At the rate I painted these I could pretty much do 2 regiments per week once I get into it. That equates to about two brigades / month, or thereabouts.

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