Thursday, 29 September 2016

Doubloons Under a Voodoo Moon

Doubloons Under a Voodoo Moon was the title for this years Mega Pirate Game, an annual event hosted by NWA. It's originator and continual instigator is Mike "Fly" Goldyn. This is the 6th year of the event and it continues to grow in popularity and size.

For the second year I played the part of the Spanish Governor ~ Don Juan h'Emmingo. Last year I dressed for the part but this year I decided against it (partly due to the obnoxious sleeves that continuously knocked over scenery, terrain, ships and figures).

Below are a bunch of photo's that I took on the day. Most of them are of the Spanish port which was supplied by Gary Richards. I wish I could take credit for such a great piece of terrain but I can't. But I can take credit for most of the Native Island terrain.

Don h'Emmingo and his daughter Ezmarelda,
the most beautiful Governor's Daughter on the Spanish Main

And also a bunch of photo's from Piotr Kaczmarek and Stephen White

The Kraken makes a nuisance of itself (as usual)

A mighty battle As the Spanish and Dutch save the British Port from pirates

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