Friday, 8 July 2016

Medieval Shenanigans

Shenanigans it was this very night using the rules of the Lion Rampant.
I played two games using the same scenario - Breakthrough, over the bridge to safety (with a blocking force on one side of the bridge and a force coming from the rear). I played both pursued and pursuer. And I'm happy to say the the mighty Hemmingseatic League was victorious on both occasions (a rare feat!).

Lots of colour and plenty of action with my two opponents, Neil & James providing good gamesmanship and an enjoyable evening.

As usual, I forgot to take photo's most of the time, but here are the few that I did take during the first game.

In the first game I was the pursued with Neil's, Warden of the West Marches laying in wait with some foot sergeants and foot knights guarding the bridge and a mass of bowmen coming up behind. I was lucky enough to get my mounted men at arms moving quickly (another rare feat). Bishop Eisenwurst led a group of valiant knights over the bridge into the schiltron formed on the other side. My knights were forced back but they also stove in the schiltron which was also pushed back.

At the other end of the table my Teutonic Knights moved in for the kill against the enemy bowmen.

At the bridge the bold bishop charged again this time against the Warden himself and his foot-knights. Alackaday, snake-eyes were rolled and the brave Bishop fell from his trusty steed and lay dead on the bridge of DOOM!

The Dice of Doom!

A bad morale test in the following turn and the remaining knights fled for their lives leaving the bridge empty.

So I brought up my crossbows - Who were very smartly, driven off but by killing another foot knight in the process they reduced their numbers to half strength.

But up at the other end of the table the Teutonic Knights charged and charged again. 
And again. 
And again. 
And eventually slew all of the enemy's archers or drove them off.

Moral tests ensued for the Warden's force and all his remaining troops fled the battleground. Ironically it was a morale roll of snake-eyes that saw the warden and his remaining knights flee.

Although it seems like an easy victory it was pretty much touch and go but those final failed morale tests saved the day.

EDIT: I added a few more pics courtesy of my opponent Neil.


  1. Lovely figures and a great looking game.

  2. Beautiful minis...and bridge!

  3. Very nice looking game, good feel to it.

  4. Awesome minis and terrain! greetings

  5. Thanks for the positive comments, chaps. It was a good game with plenty of colour, action and tension all in the right proportions.