Thursday, 23 June 2016

Prussian Project - First Battalion Painted

Well it took longer that I expected due to an untimely and unwelcome dose of the flu but I've finished my first battalion - @nd Battalion, 8th Leib Regt.

I didn't choose this regiment for any particular reason but because I started painting without first consulting any uniform plates and realised that I'd painted red collar and cuffs. So I had to find which infantry regiment had red facings. So, the 8th it is!

These figures are pretty easy to paint, although I decided after the second lot of 6 (6 figures to a company at 1:33 figure/man ratio) to paint the packs separately and glue them on afterwards.

They are also easy to put together but required of a fair bit of time getting rid of mould lines which is pretty annoying.

I decided on a back to basics painting style. No shading and the only wash use was on the skin. There's a lot of benefits to this style. It's easy (but you have to be accurate with the brush), it's pretty fast and above all it gives the figures a nice clean look.

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