Sunday, 24 April 2016

One Fine Day on the Saxon Shore...

For the moment it seems that I have enough Marian/ Cesarean Romans but how do you stop painting Romans once you start when you also want to paint figures for other eras? The answer is: paint Late Romans to protect Britannia from the Saxon menace.

These are a mix of Crusader (the unarmoured guys) and Footsore Miniatures (the armoured guys). Both ranges are nice looking figures but the animation on the Footsore figures is definitely superior. That's not meant as anything disparaging to Crusader. I knew this when I purchased the figures and I wanted the unarmoured guys to look a bit more stoic. I think they go well together.

I have some British/Welsh cavalry on the painting table at the moment which is a mix of Footsore (again) and Eureka. Eureka don't make any specific British cavalry but with a head conversion on some of their Dark Ages cav they came out very nice. I'll post them when they're done.

Shield transfers are by Little Big Men Studios 

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