Tuesday, 22 March 2016

What have the Romans ever done for us?

I've finally finished all of the legionaries for my first Roman legion. All up there are 104 of them (100 legionaries and 4 command figures) making up 10 cohorts. I've been painting them off and on for about a year as I've not been in any hurry and I've been doing lots of other things along the way.

I have a bunch of slingers ready for painting and I have 2 scorpio's and some javelin skirmishers in the post. But these will be relatively quick and easy to paint. I also have to get some cavalry which I think will consist of one unit of Roman equites and some Numidean light horse. Although I could go for some Germanic or Spanish medium horse.

I also bought enough cheap second hand plastic troops for a second legion but these can wait in their boxes for the moment. I'll do them slowly in time.

I need a general too.

 "Okay men, we're going that way."

"Look sharp men, we're going that'a way?  

"I said; That Way!" 

"Like the boss said: That way!"

"This way."

"Yes sir! That way."

"Legion... Dis-missed!"

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