Friday, 25 April 2014

More Regiments

I've been taking things slowly and painting a few more Napoleonic regiments.

I'm unsure what rules to use but at this stage General d'Brigade is looking like the most likely contender. I'm also unsure what army I'm making! I've traditionally played French and Prussian so I started on French and Wurttembergers. I then thought: "Why not try British?"

So I got some British and painted up a regiment. I started these with the thought of making up a Peninsular division but I've recently been thinking that I might convert them for use in the Anglo-US War of 1812. I mean, what could be better that Napoleonic Wargaming that also has the potential to include Native American warbands?

 I also finished the second battalion of the 1st Wurttemberg regiment and I also ordered another three battalions of them from Front Rank so I should get on to them.

All in all, what have I achieved?
Not a lot. But I have painted up a bunch of non-related battalions, some French Dragoons and no guns and I'm still wondering what to do.

Here are some photo's:


  1. Bloody hell, Ian! British! I never thought I'd see the day!

    You're churning them out, and lovely they are, too!

    1. Yes British. The day had to come eventually. It's the big flags, red coats as well as the fact that 40 to a box is pretty cheap and it's easy to get my hands on them.