Friday, 23 August 2013

IHMN - First Game

Greetings Folks,

Had my first game of IHMN last night at Nunawading Wargames Club. My friend Richard and I decided to give the rules a test run. His Society of Thule v's Mrs Slocombe and her Girls. I got to use my long abandoned Victorian board and terrain which was good. It's a pin in the rump to cart around and set up but it looks nice.

After a second (& third) reading the rules seemed pretty straight forward and took us only a couple of turns to get things running pretty smoothly. We still had to refer to the book throughout the night but by the end of the game reference became less of an issue. I can see that after a couple of games you would hardly have to look anything up. Overall we were pretty happy with the outcome.

For the sake of learning the basics we just had a general bash and here are some pics.

The Scene: The docks in a Old London Town...

Some highlights were when Mrs Slocombe's Mechanical Pussy detonated it's electro-magnetic device. What a great thing it was too (but I was silly enough to follow it into the fray and more of my ladies got knocked down than the Prussians. I remember that next time!). One of my Unfortunate Women managed to bash in the skull of one of the Prussian Jagers and he go back up in Zombie form. Another has his head knocked with a wrench and did the same.

At the end it degenerated into a general barney with everyone jumping in Boots and all.


  1. Nicely done Ian, nicely done indeed.
    That Feldwebel Krieg is such a cad!
    Half-naked women kicking zombie ass, it's almost like Buffy :D

    1. Feldwebel Krieg got his butt kicked by Betty Blockbuster but as the tod-truppen came into play they started beating up the less effective ladies.