Thursday, 28 March 2013

"Is This Andy's Factory?"

Within the ruins of a post-war factory complex somewhere east of the Berlin Wall, Colonel Zharkov commander of BORIS (Bureau of Revolutionary Insurrectionist Strategies) plans to unleash the power his latest doomsday weapon. However, the Colonel has not counted on the resourceful Dorian Alpha and the Omega Squad...

This set was made by my friend Brendan Day it was in storage and he was going to trash it but he offered it and I took it. I't a bit small (about 30" x 30") but it has enough character and different levels for a good and visually exciting game.

So, on with today's exciting episode of Omega Squad - "Is This Andy's Factory?"

"Protected by his personal bodyguard - Katya Nadzov - Colonel Zharkov looks on as the Omega Squad backed by a section of SHAG Troopers crash his party."

"Meanwhile, Dorian Alpha infiltrates deep into the enemies' lair."

"Unaware of the danger, Colonel Zharkov looks on."

"Dorian's chauffeur, and former guardsman, Blake leads a section of SHAG Troopers into the fray. Behind them Amelia Horne prepares for a diversionary sneak attack."

"The soviet technicians arm the device and begin the countdown... 10, 9, 8..."

"Leaping from the shadows, Dorian Alpha shoots it out with Bogdan Bogdanovich."

"Amelia Horne sneaks in for her diversionary attack but Katya Nadzov is waiting..."

"Meanwhile: Blake and his SHAG Troopers Take out some security guards and technicians."

"After dispatching Bogdanovich and the Soviet technicians it's now time for 
Dorian Alpha to reverse the countdown."

"After a furious fight Amelia Horne comes out victorious however, she has been wounded by Katya's blade. Seeing her weakness The Colonel takes aim with his high caliber pistol - Wounding the plucky beauty and putting her out of the fight."

"With the way clear the thwarted Colonel makes good his escape where he shall, 
no doubt, return in future episodes."

And thus ended the game. The redoubtable cast of Omega Squad once again saved the day although Amelia Horne had to visit the emergency ward thanks to that evil Soviet's well aimed shot. Will the plucky and beautiful Miss Horne make a full recovery? We certainly hope so...!

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  1. Great batrep, your mini's and terrain look excellent.