Monday, 14 January 2013

What I've Been Doing So Far In 2013

Well, I've been busy during the first few weeks of 2013. I've been making a bunch of card-stock terrain which I've been designing on Photoshop and building. The designs are a kind of 1930's film noir set. So far I've made a few tenement blocks, a large warehouse and a diner. The piece I'm currently working on is a jazz club to house the jazz combo I recently got from Eureka Miniatures. They're looking good so far but I can see I'll also need a bunch of superfluous street furniture (garbage cans and the like).

I also made three middle eastern houses out of cork tiles. I can make one multi-story building per tile and I have 3 tiles left.

No pics yet but I'll add some when I'm finished or when I get the time.

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